Duncan's 1967 Austin Healey Sprite

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I have put this simple little site together to to chronicle my project as it continues.
When I get time, have something to show and have new pictures I will add them.
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Technical Specifications

VIN: HAN9L67173

Engine: 12CCDAH5589

Approx DOB: February 1967 (per Horler)

Original Color: Pale Primrose

Interior: Black with black piping


  December 2003

After running the car for a few months it was time to pull out the engine and gearbox. After some advice from the yahoo group the unit came out very easily. In fact this has to be the easiest engine removal I have done

  The proud owner with the unit safely removed


  And mounted on the engine stand after power washing.
  The gearbox looks much better after a good power wash
  January 2004

After stripping the engine bay and removing front suspension the area was ready for blasting. I had already cut out the battery box by this time which was completely rotten. As you can see the inner wings had some rusty patches !!

  February 2004

The front end now fully blasted clean and a quick spray of aerosol primer over everything to stop flash rust from forming. Once the welding is complete this will be blasted off and epoxy primer applied.


Holes can be seen in the inner wings where speakers had been placed by a previous owner. There is also some damage at the bottom of the inner wing and floor pan which requires some attention.

These are all to be attended to

  March 2004

This is the inner wing with a new lower flange and plate tacked in place. These will be fully seamed when all fitting is complete.

  The battery box with the new plate welded in place is now being Bondo'd ready for painting
  The new floor panel flanged and with a reinforced plug hole ready for installation.
  May 2004

With the tub now stripped and flipped over on a wooden stand. The undercoating was removed with paint stripper and thinners


  Some stand detail from the front rails.
  And the stand at the rear. Note the rust found hidden behind fiberglass on the rear valance.
  After Sandblasting the bottom of the car now looks like this.
  A close up of the rear end
   And the floorpan
  September 2004

After a slow summer I decided to bite the bullet and send the tub to a professional blaster. This is how it cam back. Looks pretty good



After some cleaning, zinc wipes and masking of the bits still requiring welding primer was shot. This picture was taken midway through


  After two coats of primer and the masking of the bits still to be welded removed it came out like this.
  With the flash rust now held at bay the bodywork can be finished and a final coat of epoxy applied to seal before some high build primer and top coat.
October 2004

Well I finally got the floor and rear end welding finished and got the whole underside coated with 2 coats of truck bed liner coating. This should last better than undercoat. Now its time to turn the tub back on it's feet so the inside can be primed and sealed.

  With the help of some friends the tub has been turned back up the right way and mounted on a new dolly frame. Now the remaining undercoating in the tub can be removed and the inside primed.

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